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When you were in your mum's tummy, you grew bigger and bigger but not everything in your belly has grown well with you. That's why you were operated on as a baby and possibly later on. Doctors have improved some of the tubes and holes in your abdomen during these operations. This makes it easier for the poop to get out through your poop hole but the doctors can't make everything better for everyone. Other children feel when the poop has to go outside and then go to the toilet. The poop comes out almost automatically but it is possible that you don't always feel when the poop wants to go outside. As a result of this you may sometimes soil your pants or the poop will be washed away from you. The doctors can help you to make sure that the poop only comes out when you want it to. 

How does food actually become poop? In these movies you can see how it works:

Klokhuis film (in Dutch) 

ERNICA animation (0.12-1.16) - not specifically developed for young children

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